Floor Liners and Seat Covers

You bought your vehicle to get years of use, but you don’t want to destroy your interior in the process. With catch-all floor liners, you can protect your vehicle’s highest-traffic carpet from water, snow, and mud without sacrificing a stylish look to your interior. Each set of floor liners is available in multiple colors to match your interior and custom molded to fit like a glove.

Whether your seats are threatened by dirt from a construction site or stains from a juice box, seat covers are a great way to protect your interior fabric. We offer custom fitted seat covers that offer water-repellent protection of your vehicle’s interior. Our seat covers look great for everyday use, but can easily slip on-and-off for use when you are on-site or have a full load of kids.

Have you always wanted the comfort of heated seats, but didn’t think it was possible because your vehicle wasn’t equipped from the factory? We have good news! We can install seat heaters in your factory seats, adding comfort and boosting your vehicle’s resale value.

Contact us at (618) 281-TRIM to learn about floor liners, seat covers, and heated seat installation for your vehicle.